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1.Incentivised Scheme for Early Retirement

•The Scheme does not apply to Nurses registered under section 65 of the 1945, Mental Treatment Act because this provision allows for " faster accrual rates of service for pension purposes” as it allows staff to retire “with full pension after less than 40 years actual service”

• It will apply to :
New entrants to Psychiatric Services i.e. those who joined the service after April 2004.
Those Psychiatric Nurses who work in areas not covered by section 65 e.g. St. John of Gods,    those directly employed  by St. Vincent’s Fairview.
All I.D. Nurses
All General Nurses


•Subject to:
Employees being over 50 years of age by 18th September 09
Staff not being replaced except in the most exceptional of circumstances and
Provided that the grades/staff groups concerned co-operate with the requirements in relation to re-deployment,  mobility, skill mix and flexibility outlined in the employment control framework.

•Operation of the Incentivised Scheme for Early Retirement
Nothing in the circular confers an absolute right or entitlement on staff to avail of the I.S.E.R. but in general  employers will be expected to facilitate the early release of staff with priority being given to employees with the  longest service.
If the retirement will give rise to difficulties of a substantial nature in the management of the organisation  employers may:
(a)Postpone the date of retirement for a period of up to one year.
(b)In exceptional cases refuse the application.

•Applications must be made no later than 18th September 2009.
•A decision will be given no later than 6 weeks after the application is made.
•If decision to refuse, appeal must be lodged within 2 weeks.
•An application must contain a preferred date for leaving no later than 30th November 2009.
•Once an application has been approved with a signed form B2 received by the employer the application cannot  subsequently be withdrawn.

•While the Cost Neutral Early Retirement Scheme (Circular 05/2005) will continue, all other existing early  retirement schemes are now closed. 
•Pension along with 10% of lump sum will be paid immediately, without any actuarial reduction.
•The remaining balance of the lump sum 90% will be paid on reaching normal preserved pension age (usually age 60)

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