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2.Special Incentive Career Break Scheme 2009.
•Successful applicants for a career break under this scheme who work full time will be paid an incentive payment of  a third of gross pay to a max of €12,500 per year payable quarterly in arrears, for 3 years.
•Application must be made to HR on prescribed form no later than 1st July 2009.
•While employers are requested to facilitate applications the “needs of the work may require that some applications  will have to be refused to ensure that in particular “essential service provision is not undermined”.
•A career break under this scheme may start no later than 1st September 2009.  There are some exceptions e.g. those  on maternity leave at 1st September.
•An extension may be applied for at end of 3 years but the incentive payment will cease after 3 years.
•The same provisions regarding redeployment, flexibility etc as apply to the ISER also apply here.
N.BReturn to Work
•If an employee fails to contact the employer before the expiry of the career Break s/he will be deemed to have  resigned from the organisation.
•Those returning will be:
-Assigned to the next appropriate vacancy.

-With a guarantee of re-employment i.e. a fillable vacancy in the  officers grade and department in the location in which s/he was serving prior to commencing the career break,  not necessarily in his or her existing department within 12 Months of the expiry of the career break.
-Location is defined as “within local catchment area or within a reasonable distance with the Dublin area being treated as one such location”.

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The HSE have suspended this scheme pending further negotiations with Health Service Unions