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Dear Members

We have had a number of calls from Nurses who have been removed from the register by N.M.B.I for Non-Payment of the Retention Fee.

You will recall that the advice from the Nursing Unions as Published in Newsflash 11 on 21 st November 2014 and in subsequent communications encourages Nurses to “ make a payment of €100.00 …..beginning on Monday 05 th January and no later than Friday 9 th January

Some nurses did not pay the Retention Fee of €100.00 and have been removed from the Register. In order to remove you from the Register for non – payment the Board must have:

•  Demanded payment from you.

•  Issued you with a reminder.

•  Then waited 28 days after which they can remove you from the Register.

For nurses who have been removed the following applies in order to get back on the Register.

  1. You must pay a penalty along with the Annual Retention Fee.
  2. You must also complete the form with is included in the letter being sent to removed nurses and is also available on the NMBI website.
  3. This process must be completed by June 30 th or a new registration process must be undertaken.

Once the form has been completed and monies paid, the Nurse can practice as a Nurse.

Removed Nurses are advised to make a copy of the Email or Fax submitting your re-registration form to the NMBI and proof of payment, which can then be shown to your employer if you are challenged regarding same. NMBI accept the above as confirmation of your restoration to the Register.

Yours sincerely



Des Kavanagh

General Secretary