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Update - WRC Recruitment and Retention Agreement

The majority of services have processed the permanency of the 2016 Graduates and Temporary nurses (any service that has not done so needs to contact Head office as a matter of urgency)

The Sub group in relation to the provision of 24/7 services is due to meet this week.

The Community Allowance has been paid in some services and we were assured at this week's implementation group meeting that Community Allowance will be paid in all areas in the first salary of this month. Agreed criteria to date re Community Allowance is as follows:

  • Working Mon-Fri in Community with no Premium pay
  • Working in community and working one in four Sunday's up to and including ADON
  • Working as CMHN's/CNS-CBT, Addiction, Family Therapy
  • Working as SCAN nurse, DSH nurse, Liaison and doing one in four
  • Clozaril nurse and Clozaril nurse doing ECT.

Areas where there is no agreement to date and if unresolved at implementation/verification group will be referred to WRC.

Area DON's – No Agreement. To be addressed at meeting in early February re CHO Structures.

Payment to Nurses working one in three Sundays/Weekend – remains under consultation.

ANP posts: group meeting in this regard on an ongoing basis.

2011-2015 Graduates – payment to be made this month (see attached circular)

Post graduate training. 40 nurses have commenced training this month (January) in UCD.

Additional 60 nurses have commenced under graduate training.

Retired staff on LSI if working in Service. Services that have significant vacancies need to pursue this at local level with the Director of Nursing.

It is our understanding that overtime is being paid in accordance with the individuals hourly rate.

That the serious physical assault concerns re application of same have been addressed.

If any of the above has not been implemented in your service please contact us in head office as a matter of urgency.

HSE Recruitment Campaign over Christmas

Dear Members, 

Please see below information regarding Recruitment event in Dr Steevens Hospital.


PNA Admin

As you are aware the HSE has committed to recruiting nurses into the Acute Hospitals division and the Mental Health Division of the Irish Health Service over the coming months. As part of this process the HSE is holding an open recruitment event in Dr Steevens hospital over the Christmas period. (28th to 30th December).

This event is the first of a series of recruitment events that we plan to run over the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Claire Mahon, 

Senior Nurse Lead Nursing and Midwivery WFP, Recruitment and Retention.

Office of the National Director Human Resources

Health Service Executive

Dr Steeven's Hospital

Dublin 8



Industrial Action Phase 2

(All actions in this Phase are for both Day and Night Shifts with the exception of opening and closing entrance Doors to Units)

•  Do not use your own transport for Hostel activities e.g. shopping.

•  Do not use your own transport when re- deployed to fill a staff shortage.

•  If redeployed work under protest; seek meeting with management for every shift, invoke grievance procedure. Seek risk assessment; handover to management caseload/ work not covered due to redeployment.

•  Do not engage with HSELAND e learning except mandatory training.

•  Cease use of IT – Systems except when inputting or accessing reports in relation to direct patient care e.g. blood results, medical reports, electronic notes. Continue to use IT for disclaimers and Union Correspondence.

•  Do not attend non-clinical meetings. However, do attend Union Management Meetings.

•  Do not open and close entrance doors to units during Day Shift only, Night Shift exempt.

•  No co-operation with reconfiguration, new initiatives, pilot projects.

•  Phase 1 Action of not filling stat forms will now be extended to Night Shifts as well as Day Shift.

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