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The long campaign for the Regularisation of Long Term Actors is finally approaching end game following our meeting at the LRC on Monday last. Please note as follows :

•  The PNA has been in negotiations on this matter since launching our claim nearly 3 years ago.


•  IMPACT, whose members are paid an Acting Allowance when acting long term won a Labour Court Case on this issue in 2009: the Court recommended that their Actors should be appointed on a cost neutral basis.

•  This set the standard for current regularisations.

•  As a result the normal agreement on Starting Pay on Promotion is suspended for this conversion process as the regularisations have to be cost neutral.

•  While the IMPACT deal was automatic for all with 2 years service acting in a vacant post the Public Appointments Service has ruled that all future Regularisations must include that the appointee has been qualified by Interview.

•  In another recent case the employers advised the Labour Court that a Regularisation process was imminent; the Court gave the employers 5 months to resolve the matter.

•  At the LRC last Monday the Employers undertook to produce proposals by the end of January 2012. However, the Union, mindful of the manner in which the Employers have dragged out this process, insisted that the case be referred to the Labour Court from which it can be withdrawn if the Employers deliver an acceptable proposal.

•  We have insisted that equivalent or related Grades must also be included in this process.

•  While this process deals with Posts up to CNM3 a separate process is taking place in relation to Directors of Nursing. We have insisted that ADONs and equivalent Grades must also be encompassed by this process.

•  In conclusion we have insisted to Management that all of these Regularisations should be based on the same principles and occur simultaneously.

Yours Respectfully,

Des Kavanagh