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The Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) has today (Friday, 4 th December ) called on the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) to publish in full the recently completed Reports into organisation structure, corporate governance and financial management of the NMBI.

Yesterday, the NMBI published the recommendations only of one of these reports conducted by external consultants Crowe Horwarth.

PNA General Secretary Designate, Peter Hughes said both reports were with the NMBI and the Department of Health and given that they have been funded by nurse registrants of the NMBI it is totally unacceptable that the Board is publishing only the reports' recommendations. He said despite numerous requests from the PNA at a meeting with the NMBI Board yesterday (Thursday) the NMBI refused to agree to the publication of the reports.

‘The Recommendations in the Crowe - Horwarth Report set out major challenges for the NMBI across the whole area of corporate governance, staffing and financial management. Nurse registrants have paid for these reports and are entitled to know the full findings behind these recommendations. They are rightly asking what was so wrong at the NMBI that has resulted in such dramatic recommendations from the consultants. We can only know that with the publication of the reports in their entirety.'

‘PNA has questioned the governance and operation of the NMBI for some time, particularly in the context of the efforts by the Board to raise nurses' registration fees. We need publication of the full reports commissioned by the NMBI Board in order to see where the mistakes were made and ensure that they are not repeated if the NMBI is to fully fill its remit and operate effectively in the future.'

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