Tusla supports foster parents to improve the lives of children in their local communities, and these children need more people in this rewarding role. Find out more by viewing/downloading this leaflet and give us a call on 086 183 3760



A chance to make a difference Tusla is the state body working with vulnerable families. We work in your local area and in each community across Ireland. It is TUSLA who decides when a child may need to come into care, when we do, we try to keep children in their own community, close to family and all that is familiar.

You can help us to make that possible, providing care for a child in your local community.

Support we provide for foster carers
You will receive thorough training which will help you to understand what is involved in being a foster parent
You will have opportunities to meet current foster parents.
There is a weekly allowance provided to meet the needs of the child.
Each child in foster care has a medical card.

Make a difference
The most important thing you will ever do. It could change a child’s life, But it will also change your own.

Could someone like you, help someone like me?

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