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An estinated 5,000 members from the 24/7 Allaince marched on Dáil Eireann today Nov 11th. The group of unions had intended limiting it to 1,000 members but such was the anger amoung frontline workers that all estimates were far exceeded. Marchers heard from Des Kavanagh Chairman of the  Allaince and General Secretary of the PNA who was responsible for bringing the group together in the first place, Des warned the members of Dáil Eireann that we would be asking them the hard questions over the coming weekend and that they would not want us to get to phase three of our campaign he further added that frontline workers will not be scapegoated because they are seen as an easy target. Jack O Connor President of ICTU also addressed the marchers. A letter of protest against any proposed cuts in Frontline Worker pay or allowances was presented to Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan.

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