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The HSE have confirmed low numbers of applications for these positions. This is supported by the fact that the HSE have extended the date and have opened the positions up to 2010 and 2011 graduates, which is a clear admission that there is no educational/mentorship component to this proposal.

These nurses will be asked to perform all the duties of a Staff Nurse for 80% of the salary.

As part of an ongoing campaign, including meetings with the Political parties, PNA and INMO representatives met with Caoimhin O Caolain and Senator David Cullinane and Sinn Fein have confirmed their full support for this process.

A briefing/information meeting has been arranged for next Wednesday 23rd Jan @ 12.00 in Dail Eireann at which three newly qualified nurses/graduates will have the opportunity to address TD's and Senators & for the PNA/INMO to outline why and how savings can be made in respect of agreed pay rates.

We call on the Graduates to continue with the Boycott of these positions because it is working. We ask all members to contact their TD's over the coming days to lobby them to support this campaign and to attend the briefing session next Wednesday January 28th @ 12.00 in Dáil Eireann.


Continue to support this campaign and resist this attack on Nurses and the devaluing of our Professions